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Denver's TikTok Advertising Agency

TikTok is right now, the BEST way to drive new revenue to your business! The Ads are cheap and the audience is great. So, great that TikTok is now ahead of Facebook and Google when it comes to clicks and downloads. So, if you want to be at the front of your industry showing your competition "how" it gets done, then click below!

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We Are Not Just TikTok Advertising Experts!
We Have A Solution For You That Involves ALL Social Media Platforms. Check It Out Below...

This Is Galxee's All-In-One Solution For Efficient Business Owners

We are THE one-stop shop that can deliver your ads across all platforms, and then manage them from ONE dashboard with ALL the analytics necessary for A/B testing, and even A/B/C/D testing as well. That way we can optimize and isolate the best running ads on the best platform for your company.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok


By merging the audiences we can create "Look-a-like" audiences from the best of your customers. The "Look-a-like" audiences are the BEST thing to happen to Marketers.


This also saves you a ton of time if you were with other Agencies. Now, we can test multiple platforms and combine data to be more efficient with the A/B tests.

Smart Budget Allocations

Not only are you saving time and time is money but now you can also allocate the marketing budget in the right areas and not have to guess any longer.

This software that we use to manage your entire Marketing budget on every platform of Social Media, is our own proprietary software. No one else has been able to duplicate the results that we get with our software. They have tried but nothing comes close to the preciseness of the Galxee's "Smart Social Software". Check it out for your company today, and see if it's a good fit.

Why Choose Galxee & TikTok Advertising

TikTok Advertising Is The BEST Platform To Start On. Not Only Do You See Results FAST But The Results Are Much Higher Quality Than The Others

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Results So Fast You May Need To Hire Extra Help On The Phones

Managing your TikTok Ad Campaigns are something you can't just do once and your done. The Campaign Management requires constant supervision because of the new and original content that is put out each and every day. We create EVERY Video from scratch and never reuse them with other client's campaigns. 


With Galxee's Budgeting System, You Can Rest Assured Your Resources Are Spent Wisely And Very Efficiently.

Performance-based budgeting based on the results from our A/B/C testing

Dynamic resources allocation to only the Ads that are performing the very best

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TikTok Ads Platform Uses A Much Wider Variety Of Ad Types For You To Choose From

Image ads 

Video ads 

Brand Takeover


Story ads

Interactive ads 

And Much More Too!


Let Us Train You And Your Team On The Ins And Outs of TikTok Advertising. You Create All The Content And We Help With Everything Else

We Would Love To Coach You On The Process Of Managing The Campaigns For You To Run Your Own, But We Know You Don't Have That Time Available. Which Is Why We Created A Program That EVERY Business Can Afford, But At The Same Time Can NOT Afford To Miss Out On. Discover Our TikTok Ad Campaign Management Program For Yourself And Start To Finally See The ROI You've Been Striving For.

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